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Trainer - Alexis Hurlburt – Trainer

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Alexis Hurlburt – Trainer

Alexis Hurlburt – Trainer

Alexis began Crossfit in the spring of 2017, an unlikely decision for her as she had an un-athletic background. One day she decided it was time for a change and tried out Crossfit. After her first workout she was hooked. Alexis continued training consistently since that day. She joined WPF in January of 2018, where she found her Crossfit family and a place to grow. Her passion for CrossFit and WPF lead to taking her next step to get her CF-L1 where she is now helping her Warrior Pride family reach their goals, pushing them to excel! Alexis is also attending Life University where she received her Bachelors in biopsychology and is pursuing her doctorate in Chiropractic.