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Meet the staff


Josh Bevars – Lead Trainer
Josh joined the WPF CrossFit team in 2012. He has enjoyed athletics and fitness his entire life. After his first workout at WPF he was hooked. Shortly after, Josh decided to become a Level 1 certified coach. Since then he has also attained the Crossfit Gymnastics and Catalyst Olympic Lifting Certifications. Josh finds great joy in sharing his passion for fitness with others. He thoroughly enjoys helping people achieve their fitness related goals and helping them bring out their inner warrior.
Randy Pritz – Trainer
Randy grew up right down the street in Powder Springs and attended McEachern High School. He lettered in 3 sports Football, Wrestling, and Soccer. He has always been a competitive person so when he came across CrossFit in 2012 he knew this was something for him. Randy decided to get his Level 1 certification a year later and has been coaching every since. He really enjoys the community at WPF and loves seeing clients meet their health and fitness goals. As Randy puts it “I couldn’t ask for a better gym to continue my love for CrossFit and becoming the best possible coach I can be.”
William Poteat – Trainer
William has always been a sports geek not content to sit and watch. Sports growing up, he ran the gamut; baseball, basketball, football and soccer, lettering in baseball, football and soccer in high school. Refereeing soccer post-high school kept William close to a sport he truly loved! In the military he acted as the PT officer in several units, planning and leading fitness sessions, conducting weigh-ins and providing fitness and nutrition counseling. In high school William's coaches emphasized weightlifting (Olympic weightlifting) and he has carried a love for the pure physicality of moving weights through big ranges of motion ever since. In 2013 William and his wife wife Wendy found CrossFit, and as the story goes, were hooked. Leaving the ‘globo’ gym rat race behind in favor of functional fitness and community was phenomenal. He is now as fit as, if not more than, he was in the military. CrossFit and a good diet equals the fountain of youth! Still not content to sitting by and watching, William obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in 2016. He has also completed the CrossFit Specialty Course: Masters certificate in 2017 as well as the Online Scaling Course. Each year William makes sure to complete the Online Judges Courses. To round things out he has also completed the Training Think Tank Movement course.
Pat Gendron – Trainer
Pat has always lived an active lifestyle that started by playing hockey from a very young age. He later transitioned to mixed martial arts where he discovered his passion for coaching in 2012 as he trained athletes for 2 years on how to excel and be prepared for their fights. He discovered CrossFit during this time as well and immediately fell in love with the sport. Shortly after he obtained his CrossFit coaching certification in 2013 and has been coaching for 5 years. He now does CrossFit competitively and loves competing. He is currently finishing his bachelors degree in exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition as well as his Doctorate in Chiropractic.
Tim Milligan
Tim has been involved in athletics for the majority of his life and is always willing to try something new. In 2006 Tim did his first Crossfit workout, Fight Gone Bad and after 3…2…1…go, he was hooked! The functionality of the workout fit perfectly with his career as a firefighter. Gone were the days of redundant workouts. Tim truly appreciate what Crossfit could do both mentally and physically for him or anyone for that matter. Tim obtained his CFL-1 and Mobility and Flexibility certification. Tim truly enjoys working with people and watching them accomplish their goals. If there's one thing Tim's learned, its that, in Crossfit, the small goals are what matter!
Alexis Hurlburt – Trainer
Alexis began Crossfit in the spring of 2017, an unlikely decision for her as she had an un-athletic background. One day she decided it was time for a change and tried out Crossfit. After her first workout she was hooked. Alexis continued training consistently since that day. She joined WPF in January of 2018, where she found her Crossfit family and a place to grow. Her passion for CrossFit and WPF lead to taking her next step to get her CF-L1 where she is now helping her Warrior Pride family reach their goals, pushing them to excel! Alexis is also attending Life University where she received her Bachelors in biopsychology and is pursuing her doctorate in Chiropractic.


Roni Fischer – Owner
Four years ago in September, a good friend dragged reluctant Roni into Warrior Pride. She agreed to join for one month. By that January she was hooked. Warrior Pride became her second family. After 17 years of being a stay at home mother and with her daughter, Riley, getting ready to head to college she decided to join forces with her husband and the Joneses to buy the place she had grown to love. She became a CF-L1 in January 2018. Her husband, Jason and her, both UF Alumni, will be busy with the gym and watching their daughter play NCAA Division 1 Volleyball for University of Florida! Go Gators!
JJ Jones – Owner
JJ first joined Warrior Pride Fitness in Sept. of 2014, and immediately fell in love with CrossFit. Prior to joining, he was exercising regularly at a local gym, but his workouts quickly became mundane. The search for new options began. Not only did CrossFit offer fun and varied workouts, but it also provided a unique sense of community. Everyone knows and supports one another. When the gym became available for purchase, he quickly jumped at the opportunity to buy it with the Fischer's. JJ is married to Melissa, with whom they have three children; Aydan, Logan, and Lakyn.
Jason Fischer – Owner