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29 Jul

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night for our 4th Friday Night at the Bar! We had over 40 people in the gym and collected a boxful of school supplies for Blackwell Elementary!

Now, here is what is happening around the gym:

  • Our next Friday Night at the Bar will be “Are You Ready for College Football?” Who doesn’t love college football!!?? Anyone who wants to have their college team represented in the gym this fall is welcome to bring in a school pennant and we will hang them up on the wall surrounding the white board.
  • We have hired another trainer! Alexis Hulbert will start August 1 and will be helping with bootcamp and some additional classes as well as shadowing Randy and Pat until she receives her CFL1. We are happy to have her on the WPF team.
  • Lost and found will be “donated” at the end of this week so if you are missing something check the basket in the lounge.
  • Saturday, August 4th at 10:30 anyone doing Battle of the Ages can practice the WODs and get some help with strategy and techniques. Coaches will be present to assist as needed.
  • Thank you to all those who have already submitted reviews! The winner of the free month was Robb Cavalluzzi!

In the near future:

  • August 18th Battle of the Ages
  • August 24th Friday Night at the Bar

Have a great Back to School week!

Your WPF Team

22 Jul

Here is what’s happening this week at your gym:

  • Friday Night at the Bar is this Friday, July 27th at 7:00. It’s Christmas in July and we’ll be doing the 12 Days of Christmas WOD. Please make sure to sign up in Wodify so we have an idea of how many people will be attending. Anyone is welcome to join us so Bring a Friend for the holiday festivities. We are collecting school supplies for Blackwell Elementary so don’t forget your buy-in!
  • We will begin Toes-to-Bar as our new gymnastics progression starting on Wednesday.
  • Don’t forget about our Google Review giveaway! Anyone who submits a Google review for Warrior Pride Fitness will have their name put in a drawing on August 1 for a free month’s membership!

As summer is quickly coming to an end, enjoy your time with the kids and have a great week training hard!

Your WPF Team

17 Jul

Hi all! Summer’s end is fast approaching. We hope everyone who is traveling is enjoying time with their children before school starts back up in a couple of weeks!

Here is what is happening this week at your gym:

  • There are free car magnets throughout the gym. Please take one and put it on your vehicle so everyone will know that you got that badass strong body from Warrior Pride Fitness.
  • Don’t forget about our Google Review giveaway! Anyone who submits a Google review for Warrior Pride Fitness will have their name put in a drawing for a free month’s membership!
  • We now have Ascent Pre-workout and the Casein protein in GainzVille. The Casein protein is great to make pudding!
  • We’re looking for a new trainer to join the WPF Family! Take a look at the job posting and send to your friends/family!

Coming up:

  • July 27th Friday Night at the Bar Christmas in July. Friends welcome!
  • August 18th Battle of the Ages People are still looking for teams. Check out the Info board and get signed up!

Have a great week!

Your WPF Team

02 Jul

Here is what is happening this week at your gym:

  • July 4th there is one class at 8:30. We will be doing the WOD Team 1776. That’s 1776 reps so get strategizing!
    “1776 Team”  WOD – For Time (in a Team of Three):

    As a team, complete a total of 1776 reps of all movements, in any order.
    Multiple partners may work at a time, but everyone must work together on the same movement and move to the next one together.
    The only requirements are that the team not complete more than 200 reps of any one movement, and each team member must complete at least 10 reps of each movement.
  • July 11 DexaBody is coming back! Make sure you reserve your spot today! Here is the website to check it out and the link to get signed up. The cost is $47 and if you haven’t done this before it is worth every penny.
  • Backsquats are the new lift progression and we will be doing them on Mondays and Fridays. We won’t start a new gymnastics progression until July 11th because of July 4th holiday.

Have a great week and Happy 4th of July!

Your WPF Team

24 Jun

Here is what’s happening this week at your gym:

  • Nutrition Seminar is at 4:30 this afternoon. Josh will discuss proper nutrition, portion control and more. Also, Tupperware will be there with some great meal prep containers! Sign up in Wodify.
  • Josh will be back at Whole Foods for a second grocery store tour this Wednesday night at 7 pm. This is limited to 10 people so please sign up in Wodify.
  • OPEN GYM this week is limited to Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Roni will be taking her daughter to college and JJ is traveling for work. We know this in an inconvenience to some and we apologize. The following week will have regular open gym hours. Thank you for your patience with this.
  • We are finishing close grip bench press, HSPU progressions and hang squat cleans this week.
    We should see lots of stars! Next up: BACKSQUATS!!
  • “Challenge of the Week” is PRs in pounds until the end of June. Any PRs count so get your name and pounds up on the chalkboard.
    In the near future:

July 4 We will be open for one class in the morning at 8:30. We have a special workout planned for Independence Day!

July 11 DexaBody is coming back! Make sure you get signed up using the link below. The cost is $47 and if you haven’t done this before it is worth every penny.

Have a great week full of gains!

Your WPF Team

18 Jun

Here’s what is happening this week at your gym:

  • Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2nd Friday Night at the Bar and Sunday’s Father’s Day Golf WOD. Both events had great turnout and were a lot of fun. Look for July’s Friday Night at the Bar info to be coming soon!
  • We continue HSPU progression this week as well as de-load on our lifts. We expect a lot of gold stars next week.
  • The Battle of the Ages Competition info has been added to the big whiteboard. We already have several teams signed up. If you are interested but don’t have a team, write your info on the board and let’s see if we can have every WPF athlete who wants to compete on a team!

Remember next week:

  • June 24th Josh will be holding a Nutrition Seminar at 4:30.
  • June 27th Josh’s second Grocery Store Tour

Please sign up for these on Wodify as soon as possible so Josh can prepare.

It’s a nice hot week. Stay hydrated and train hard!

Your WPF Team

11 Jun

Here’s what is happening this week at your gym:

  • Friday night, June 15th at 7:00 pm is the second Friday Night at the Bar event – “LINDA”! We will be finalizing the competitors list so if you are interested get signed up by Tuesday. Those not participating can come and cheer the athletes on. It is Bring Your Own Food and Whatnot!
  • Welcome to all of our new athletes: Aidan Loukes, Laura Ripley, Jenna Shaw, Barrett Swales, Brian Jacobson, Mac Huddleston. Welcome back to Adam and Josee Levitt and Kelly Leavell! More athletes mean larger class sizes. Please make sure to sign up for your class in advance. If you end up on the wait list it might be wise to text a Coach and confirm whether or not you can get into the class. Some WODs will require a Coach to restrict the class size due to space and equipment needed.
  • On that note, to accommodate our growing numbers we have ordered more 10 pounds bumper plates, a variety of kettlebells, and 2 more ski ergs!
  • Patrick Leavell won the challenge of the week of 100 bicep curls for time. $10 to spend in GainzVille, Patrick!
  • Many athletes in the gym are looking to put together teams for the Battle of the Ages competition on August 18 in Atlanta. It is 4 athletes from 4 decades. Visit to check it out and start putting together your team. We will have a sign up on the big whiteboard for people needing team members.

In the near future, look for these on Wodify and mark your calendars:

  • June 24th Josh will be holding a Nutrition Seminar at 4:30.
  • June 27th Josh’s second grocery store tour

Work hard this week and have fun!

Your WPF Team

04 Jun

Here is what is happening this week at your gym:

  • Congratulations to Coaches Randy and Pat who took first place yesterday at CS&F Summer Meltdown. They dominated every workout and represented WPF well with their 1st place finish. Randy will be participating in another competition coming up this weekend at CrossFit Allatoona. Let’s get a group out there to cheer him on!
  • The athletes who had the fastest Rx Murph times are : Pat G, Larry T, Jason F, Roni F, Kristi C, and Rachel H. Congratulations! But the reason Murph is a favorite workout is the fact that just about anyone can participate. We had friends and family who came in and enjoyed different levels of Murph and felt the same level of accomplishment as those who RX’d it. We had a new WPF athlete, reluctant to participate, show up, and rep by rep chipped away at the big numbers until he did his last air squat. He ran that final mile with such pride. Olivia Durkin said it best as she ran in the door “I did it! I finished!” So, in our opinion, everyone wins Murph!
  • Sarah Tarpley is the June Client of the Month. Look for her questionnaire and WOD to come! Last month’s client, Christine Godwin, has her WOD tomorrow!
  • June 15th is the next Friday Night at the Bar. It is the Girl WOD Linda. We are looking for competitors. Sign up on the big whiteboard and get practicing those lifts!
  • Look on the chalkboard for this week’s challenge! It’s one “for the girls”.​​​​​​​
  • Help us get to 100 Google reviews! Google reviews help businesses build trust and credibility, which are vital factors in the customer decision-making process. Nowadays, consumers regularly consult online reviews before making a purchase or using a service and we want our gym to standout!

Enjoy your week!

Your WPF Team

20 May

Here is what is happening this week in your gym:

  • Waffle House orders are due tomorrow. Email Roni and specify All Star Breakfast or Waffle Bar.
  • Sign up for Murph on Wodify as soon as you know which class you are doing so we can plan accordingly.
  • Look for the new Girl WOD Signs to go up this week in the lounge. The top 3 athletes will be listed on each sign!
  • Cindy D. and Ben T. won last week’s challenge of the week with the fastest 500 m row. $10 each in GainzVille!
  • We finished up our pull-up progression and the following athletes PRed:
    • Rebecca Walburn
    • Michele Miller
    • Roni Fischer
    • Kim Tilton
    • Sarah Tarpley
    • Jon Ridgeway
    • JJ Jones
    • David Contreras
  • Our next progression will be Hand Stand Pushups!
  • The CrossFit Games Regionals started this week! Be sure to check the leaderboards for your favorite athlete. We’ll most likely be streaming them on one of the TVs at the gym to help get you psych’d for your workout.

It’s the last week of school! Make time to train during this busy week. Start the summer off right!

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Here is what is happening this week at your gym:

  • Murph shirt orders are due Monday (tomorrow) so that we can get them back in time. Also remember to place your Waffle House order!
  • We are doing another RX Bar order if anyone wants anything. There are new flavors! We will order by Friday.
  • Welcome to all our new clients and all the college students home for the summer!
    • Nicole and Andrew Pankopp
    • Michael Gurreuro
    • Jackie Hill
    • Scott Vanek
    • Reid Morlan
    • Gavin Barmore
    • Sidney Tilton
    • MacKenzie Ramey
    • Patrick Leavell
    • Eliza Waters
    • Nick Lowrimore
    • MaryBeth Hand
  • Winner of this week’s challenge is Bert Dabney with a 1×3 weighted pushup at 165 lbs. He wins $10 in the store! Have fun visiting GainzVille, Bert! 🙂

Now for a few gentle reminders:

  • Growing gym membership is a good thing but we need your help! As we grow and class sizes grow (bootcamp had 17 people in it on Friday!) we need everyone to be more mindful that scheduled classes take priority. WPF has Open Gym daily except the weekends. We have made it a point to be open every day from 1:00-4:30 so that anyone can come in and workout on their own. Working out during other class times is discouraged when the class sizes are large. If you are in a pinch on a certain day and need to get your workout in during class hours, you need the approval of the Coach running that class. There should be no working out while athletes are Rom Wodding since that requires a quieter environment. We appreciate everyone’s help with this so that we can all equally enjoy the benefits of the gym!
  • Signing up for class helps the Coach plan out how to properly and efficiently run the WOD. Please sign up as soon as you know you will be attending!
  • We look forward to a great week of working out! There might be a HeroWOD in your near future.

Your WPF Team!