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14 Apr



We are excited to announce our new one-on-one personal training program coming soon to WPF!

This is something many of you have requested and we have been trying to put into place for some time. We have figured out the logistics and we are ready to roll.


Who will it be for:

One-on-one personal training is for anyone who:

1-Wants to get better at a particular skill or lift. Need help with your handstand pushups? Want to get your first pull-up or muscle up? Want to work on your snatch, jerk, or clean technique? A few one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches will make all the difference!

2-Wants some individualized programming to hit a certain goal. Our coaches can put together a program specifically tailored to you and the goals you are trying to achieve.

3-Is rehabing an injury. Getting one-on-one attention can be very beneficial when trying to come back from an injury. In a one-on-one setting a coach can watch your form and technique very closely to ensure you aren’t doing anything to put yourself in further jeopardy. This enables you to continue your workouts even when you are trying to heal an injury.

4-Is training for an event. Need a little extra, focused training to prepare for a race, a CrossFit competition, an olympic lifting meet? Adding some personal training with our coaches can take you to that next level and make sure you are 100% ready come competition day!

5-Needs some extra accountability. Sometimes we need the accountability of a coach who is expecting us to show up to get our butt in gear. If you know a coach is waiting on you then you will show up…and showing up is 90% of the battle!

6-Prefers one-on-one training to group training. Some people prefer the group setting and some don’t. If you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting then WPF personal training would be a perfect it!



30 minute sessions

1 session-$49/session

5 sessions-$225/package ($45 per session)

10 sessions-$410/package ($41 per session)


Other Details:

Sessions can be booked on Wodify through the calendar feature. The link will be posted once we officially launch.

More details to come!

09 Jan

To have success with your fitness it is always ideal to have an accountability partner to keep you on track and not let your excuses get the best of you. Watch the video to learn why accountability partners are so valuable and how to choose the right one…and who to definitely NOT choose!