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April 15, 2018 / Weekly Updates

First, let’s talk about last week!

So many of you did The Girl benchmark WODs for the first time. And, so many others were trying to beat times from 2 or more years ago! And you all did great! The following are all the gold stars handed out last week:

  • Barbara: *John Hand *Roni Fischer
  • Christine: *Justin Meeks *Kim Tilton *Devin Gordon *Paco Combes
  • Grace: *Paco Combes *Rebecca Walburn. *Jenn Graff
  • Kelly: * Stuart Hackworth *Roni Fischer *Megan Gaston. *Cody Lowry *John Hand

Last week helped us identify some of our weaknesses but also so many of our strengths. Job well done!
Here is what’s happening at your gym this week:

  • T-Shirt/tank/hat order is due by Wednesday!
  • Bring a Friend continues this week. Any bootcamp all week long! Saturday CrossFit classes!
  • Starting tomorrow, there will be an Active Recovery WOD posted in the “lounge” area for athletes to use on their rest days. The recommended schedule for a CrossFit athlete is 3 days ON and 1 day OFF to ensure an athlete gets enough rest. However, because so many people at our gym travel for work our programming does not reflect this “OFF” day. Instead you can use the Active Recovery WOD for whatever day you choose.
  • Join us in welcoming the following athletes to the gym so far this month:
    • Emma Gordon
    • Hiawatha Bethea
    • Sarah Gerichs
    • Faith Lewis
    • Lilly Lewis
    • Stephen Matthews
    • and welcome back, Nolan Daversa
  • ​​​​​​​Cindy D. won the challenge of the week with 62 unbroken double-unders. She receives $10 to spend in GainzVille.

Have another great week!

Your WPF Team

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