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To Truly Be Healthy, You Must Find Balance

February 21, 2014 / Blog

Work-Life-Balance-Sign-post-by-Stuart-MilesIn today’s society we are living at a break neck pace with very little time to take a step back and enjoy life. While this way of living may be good for the bank account it has a profound effect on our overall health and well being. I fully understand what it means to be driven. I have owned four businesses in my life and each one of them took unparalleled commitment and effort for them to succeed.

When I had my first business, a personal training studio I opened in 2003, I poured everything I had into it. I worked 18 hour days, slept very little, my exercise frequency went down while the stress went up. When I sold the business is 2008 I was the most unhealthy I had ever been in my life.

I firmly believe that the formula for long term success in life, ALL aspects of life, is balance. If you give everything you have to your career, your family/personal life will suffer. If you are only focused on your personal life and having fun, then your professional life will suffer and so on.

While achieving balance in life looks good on paper, it can be very hard to put into practice. However, once you find that right balance, your quality of life will blossom! You will perform better at work, you will be a better spouse, parent, and friend. You will have a higher level of health and lower levels of stress and so much more.

Below are my 5 tips for attaining balance in your life that I learned the hard way:

1.) Schedule Downtime for Family and Friends-It’s very easy to get caught up in work and/or your daily responsibilities and forget to have some time for loved ones. There has to be time allotted in life to be a spouse, parent, friend, etc . To ensure that you do it, it needs to be scheduled. Find a few times a week to leave work early or to put chores and errands on the back burner to free yourself up for those closest to you. It may seem odd to “schedule” time with friends and family but when it’s not scheduled you’re far more likely to not do it.

2.) Exercise-We all know that exercise is absolutely essential in life yet so many of us neglect it. Exercise needs to be scheduled and be non-negotiable. Let nothing interfere. The payoff will be better health, better sleep, more energy, longer life, less stress, more self confidence, etc. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

3.) Learn To Say No-Learning to respectfully say “no” can be an extremely liberating thing. Many of us are people pleasers so saying “no” can be hard. But it’s not a good thing to take on every project that is thrown at you. Whether it’s your boss, spouse, friend, kids, or neighbor, saying “no” every now and again is not a bad thing. It keeps you sane and allows for some free time that you can then devote to number 1 and 2 above.

4.) Relax Already!-In these days of high achievement, the word relax seems taboo. At some point the word relax became synonymous with lazy. Well, it’s not. Both physical and mental relaxation is essential to our overall health. There has to be time where we are not worrying about work, projects, chores, etc. Relaxation can come in the form of going out and having some fun, playing a sport, or just laying on the couch watching TV. Not only is it okay…it’s a must!

5.) Get Organized and Learn to Time Block-The four tips all sounds good in theory but putting them into practice can be quite challenging. This is where organization and time blocking come in. Sit down and write down everything you do in a week. Do this for both work and personal items. Once you’ve done that take out any items that can be deleted from your schedule. Things that are unnecessary and waste your time. Then look at anything that can be delegated to someone else and do so. Once you have done that you are left with the most important things. Things only you can handle. Those items need to be scheduled and time blocked into your life in an organized manner. Make set times for work projects, exercise, time with friends and family, time for fun and relaxation, etc. Not only will this give you clarity, but if you are diligent about following the schedule, it will ensure that you are taking care of all the important things in life and neglecting nothing.

While there are many other things that you can do to achieve life balance, these are ones that have worked for me. To have any sort of quality of life, having balance must be a goal. By achieving it you attain physical health, mental health, spiritual health, time for friends, time for family, time for work, relaxation time, fun time, etc. This is balance…this is living.

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