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The 7 most popular nutrition questions I get PLUS 5 exercises you need to be doing to burn maximum body fat!

September 12, 2016 / Blog

Having taught nutrition for the better part of 14 years I get approached all the time by people who have questions about the right way to eat to reach their goals.

I love this because it shows people care and are taking a vested interest in their health and fitness.

Over the last 14 years I have noticed that I get the same questions over and over.  It shows that most people struggle with the same issues when it comes to healthy eating.

Here are the 7 questions I get more than any other.  Do you have the same or similar questions?


  • How many calories should I be eating?
  • I eat healthy but the weight won’t come off.  Why??
  • What should I be eating to ensure I lose fat as fast as possible?
  • May life is so busy and hectic…how do I fit healthy eating in?
  • How do I get my family, especially my kids, to eat healthy so I don’t have to make 2 different meals every night?
  • Can’t I just workout harder/more so I can eat whatever I want?
  • How can I make healthy eating more affordable?


Can you relate to those questions?  If so, stay tuned…

I have got something coming out in the next couple of days that will address every one of these questions (and more) and take away ALL of your nutrition confusion forever!  I am very excited about this.  You will be too!

More to come…

Oh yes and here are your 5 exercises that maximize the calorie and fat burn.  Add them to your workout plan to take your results to the next level!

Burpees-Yes, sorry, the dreaded burpee is actually a fantastic calorie burner.  It works the entire body and also sends your heart rate through the roof!

Sprints-Sprints can be anything from running to cycling to rowing to doing burpees as fast as you can (yes I heard you moan from here).  The key is to have intervals of all out work followed by rest intervals.  As long as you are pushing hard enough during the work intervals you will shred body fat and continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after the workout is complete.  Be careful, however, because you need to work up to sprints.  If you are new to working out progress slowly over time to sprint intervals.

Thrusters (squat presses)-Thrusters are weighted squats into an overhead press.  They work just about every single muscle in the body all at once.  Thrusters are major calorie burners and fitness builders.

Rowing-The row machine is an incredible fat burner.  It is a total body workout and engages the legs, back, arms, and skyrockets your heart rate!

Weight Training-Nothing burns fat like weight training and muscle building.  When I say muscle building I DON’T mean big bulky muscles but adding just a little toned muscle can do wonders for your waistline.  Weight training needs to be a central part of your program if you are serious about burning body fat!

Now you know some of the best exercises for fat burning but knowing is only half the battle.  The next step is to actually do them!  So let’s get moving!

Thanks and we’ll talk soon!


P.S.  We get a lot of questions about our new(ish) way of programming to ensure our clients stay safe, enjoy the workouts, and get results.  The change we made in our programming about a year ago is the single most popular change we’ve made around here.  If you have been to WPF in the last year then you know all about it.  If not, watch this quick 90 second video (Click Here) on how we program for people who want to get better at the sport of CrossFit AND for people who just want to get fit and trim, have fun, but don’t care anything about lifting heavy weights, Olympic style lifting, etc.






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