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April 2019 Athlete of the Month – Jay Butler

April 5, 2019 / Member of the Month
April 2019 Athlete of the Month – Jay Butler

April’s Member of the Month is Jay Butler!

When and how did you get started with us?

  • I joined WPF sometime around May/June of 2016, at the suggestion of my wife, Rachel, who spoke highly of the community and workouts.

Favorite workout?

  • Difficult to narrow down, since the variety is a big part of the appeal of CrossFit. I enjoy partner WOD’s for the little extra motivation, though there is a lifting EMOM WOD I’ll go to at the fire station when I can’t decide on anything else.
    With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift, adding 10 pounds each time (Women add 5.) Start with an empty barbell and Snatch for as long as possible. Once you cannot Snatch the weight, Clean for as long as possible. Once you cannot Clean the weight, Deadlift for as long as possible. (I can generally go about 30 minutes. The weight adds up faster than you think.)

Least favorite workout?

  • Most of The Girls and I are in the midst of Love/Hate relationships.

What’s the best part about working out with the your class time?

  • My work schedule is a bit unusual, so on my days off, the 4:15 slot works out great, fitting in nicely after the side job and house work, and before picking up Lochlan from school. The “regular” 4:15 group is an awesome bunch, with fantastic motivators.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

  • A photo of Rachel and Lochlan.

What’s a song that you hope comes on during a WOD?

  • Tough to go wrong with AC/DC or Dropkick Murphys

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

  • The Girls, just to remind myself how much fun they all are.

What’s your favorite treat?

  • Peanut Butter, whether it’s inside a Reese’s Cup or not.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

  • Mackenzie Valley Wolf, so I could be a part of a pack, instead of on my own in the wilderness, and if I’m picking, I might as well choose the largest of the species.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

  • Some new take on a dark shade of blue, or anything that blends in and meshes the best with the others. Never been much for drawing attention.

Thanks again for considering me. I’ll try to do the recognition justice.

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