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Congratulations to our newest Client(s) of the Month!

March 6, 2014 / Blog, Success Stories
Congratulations to our newest Client(s) of the Month!

Congratulations to our newest Client(s) of the Month and family members, Wendy Poteat and Sarah Minick! Sarah has lost almost 40 pounds and has dropped 4 dress sizes! Wendy lost 16 lbs and 9.5% body fat, and 12′ all over! And the best part is that she’s rocking a size 6 jean!

Congrats to this Mom/Daughter team. It really goes to show that a little hard work and eating right, works!!

Here’s what they have to say!

Sarah Minick

Before CrossFit, I visited the gym about once a week and I would run around the neighborhood with my dogs. My fitness results were slim to none! I seemed to consistently gain weight and I slowly lost sight of the person I wanted to be, both inwardly and outwardly.

My parents, Wendy and William Poteat, started to notice my frustrations and led me over to Warrior Pride Fitness. At first, I was very intimidated with the idea of CrossFit. Since I was a gymnast and competitive cheerleader when I was younger, I gave CrossFit a try and I feel in love immediately.

What helped ease my fears was my amazing family staying by my side and coming with me to classes and encouraging my every step. And the coaches, the coaches are amazing! The coaches are caring and encouraging and it makes it that much easier to come back over and over again.

The success I have felt through CrossFit is my own. I’m proud of myself. And I needed this, I needed it to boost my confidence and gain back that person I lost.

Since I started this new lifestyle I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and I have dropped 4 dress sizes! More importantly I feel so confident and proud of the person I have become. I lost a part of me over the years and now it’s back and I couldn’t be happier.

There really are no secrets to my success. I eat clean and attend a CrossFit class at least three times a week. I traded in my happy hour life style for barbells and burpees and I’m becoming a better person because of it.

Wendy Poteat

1. What was life like/what were your fitness results before beginning CrossFit?
To maintain a healthy weight, I had to work at it. I hated working out. HATED IT. All of it. I ran, I yoga’d, I Pilated, I walked, I lifted, I zumba’d and none of it ever stuck. My husband has always enjoyed it and I would go to the gym with him and lift, but I would avoid cardio at all cost. I was not in good shape, I was not fit. 3 years ago at my heaviest, I weighed about 165lbs. I had tried Jenny Craig, various diets, and would only see 5-7lbs weight loss which I never was able to sustain. I was in a size 10/12 and thought I was going to have to settle for that. I was depressed and embarrassed by how I looked.

2. What led you to WPF CrossFit?
My husband found WPF online, and when he suggested it, I was like “Hell NO” that is crazy. We’d watched CrossFit games on TV, and I was totally scared of it. I just knew I’d never want to work that hard, since I HATED working out. Then, my husband pointed out that Kyle was a trainer there…I grew up in NH, and am a die hard, life-long, love them above all other things in life – Patriots fan. So I said, OK, I’ll try it. So, really if not for Kyle, there is absolutely no way my husband would’ve got me into your gym. And that’s the truth.

3. How has your experience at WPF Crossfit been so far?
Life changing. Totally. I love WPF Crossfit. I no longer hate working out. Sometimes I even like it! I cannot believe the changes in my body, and fitness level. I’ve never once been made to feel like I didn’t belong. I’ve never in my whole life experienced such a positive, inclusive and caring group of people. Your trainers and support staff have been supportive since day one. My family cannot shut up about how much we love WPF. Josh has been our main trainer, due to our schedule and we both crush on him kinda hard, he takes amazing care of us…we also have loved classes with Krissi, Nat and the Justin(s). Everyone is amazing. Also, Kyle often works out sans shirt, so really…best gym experience ever. Seriously. Ever.

4. Tell us about your results you’ve achieved at WPF CrossFit:
When I started, I weighed in at about 165, and now I’m at 149. That’s 16 lbs! My body fat went from 31.08 (1% from obese, btw) to 21.60 (1% from athlete) I’ve lost about 12′ all over and best of all I am rocking a size 6 jean, and size medium shirts. Never in my adult life had I been wearing a size 6 jean. I’m thrilled with how I feel and look. My confidence is sky high. I never stress out now, when I’m dressing for a special occasion. Now, by problem is that I have to have all my clothes taken in!! I had a weight loss goal in my mind to get back down to 135lbs. I struggled this year trying to get there, but then realized that I’ve gained a TON of muscle tone and strength. I almost never weigh myself anymore, and I don’t care what my scale says. I look and feel the best I ever have, in my whole life. I might never weight 135 again, and for my new, athletic body type, I’m right where I need to be. Who cares? I’m rocking size 6 jeans!

5. What has been the secret to your success?
We went 100%, completely Paleo the day we started our Warrior In Training. I cleaned out our pantry and freezer of all non-Paleo items and I gave all the food to our housekeeper, and we started over. Eating Paleo works for our family, we love it and we try to be about 90% Paleo all the time. The life style change (Paleo isn’t a diet), paired with consistent 3-4 days a week work outs and a more active lifestyle all around have made a huge difference. My health has improved along with my waist size! We do our best to stick with the work out schedule and do not ‘cherry pick’ our WODs. We’ve seen consistent results with weight loss, and fitness level, and strength. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, my work is very physical and I used to suffer from extreme back pain during and after working a full day. I no longer have that problem. I may be sore from a work out, but I don’t suffer from pain from my job any longer.

We have become the family that cannot and won’t shut our Paleo Pie Holes about WPF CrossFit. Our family was inspired to also join, and we are loving our results. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and advice you’ve given us. WPF isn’t some gym. It’s become part of our lifestyle, and our family. We love you guys and we cannot imagine where we’d still be, had we not had you to guide us into our new lives. But I will never like Burpees or Box jumps.

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