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Let me tell you what we are not. We are not the typical gym you see on every corner. If you are looking for the traditional bodybuilding type gym then you are in the wrong place. Warrior Pride Fitness is a functional training facility that uses fun, effective workouts coupled with team work, accountability, community, and nutrition to achieve life changing results. We use functional training because it mimics real life. We have you moving the way your body was meant to move. You will be pushing, pulling, squatting, running, and jumping. These movement patterns mimic what you do every day of your life (i.e. picking up kids, lifting heavy items, standing up, sitting down, moving furniture, carrying groceries, putting things on shelves, playing sports, and even defending yourself if the situation presents itself).

Training this way not only gives you dramatic body changing results but also trains you for whatever life throws at you. You will notice that you are stronger in everything that you attempt to do, you will have more stamina, more energy, a stronger core, your sports performance will go through the roof, you’ll sleep better, and change your life in ways you never thought possible.

This will all be done under the direct supervision of top level functional training coaches who will make certain that everything you do is done properly to ensure fast results in a safe environment. Our coaches will also keep you motivated, energized, and accountable. You won’t find rows of treadmills and exercise machines. Instead, you will find ropes, kettlebells, tires, dumbbells, sandbags, row machines etc. These are functional training tools that we use to ensure that you are getting a world class workout the fastest, most enjoyable way possible. The workouts change daily and rarely repeat themselves. Welcome back to the days of recess!


One of our core values at Warrior Pride Fitness is ‘Community’. This is because we believe that the best way to stay motivated and disciplined in a fitness routine is to be surrounded by people who share your goals and understand your challenges. That’s why when you come to Warrior Pride Fitness you will not see people working out by themselves, wearing ear buds and ignoring everyone around them. Instead, you will see a group of people pushing one another, cheering each other on, shouting, and motivating. This keeps you working hard and actually enjoying exercise for a change. You will not want to let the group down and they will not want to let you down. The power of Community, Unity, and Team Work is an amazing thing…come see for yourself!
Warrior Pride Fitness is truly for anybody looking to change the way they look, feel, and perform. Our training methods are broad, general, and inclusive. This means the workouts can be scaled up or scaled down to fit any fitness level from the most sedentary to those who possess elite fitness. You don’t need to prepare to train with us, we will prepare you. The only caveat here is that you must be ready to work. At Warrior Pride Fitness you will sweat, you will challenge yourself every session, and while our workouts push the limits…so will your results!

And remember, you will be guided by elite level coaches at all times to keep you pushing hard but in a very safe way! Traditional gym training styles are based on body building techniques from the 50’s and 60’s. If you are looking to be a bodybuilder then we aren’t your best option. Instead, if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life and change every aspect of your life for the better, then Warrior Pride is your new workout home.

We combine the best of all disciplines. Runners possess great endurance and/or speed; weight lifters possess great strength; gymnasts posses great flexibility, agility, strength, and body control. All of these are great but at Warrior Pride we will train you across all of these modalities so you will possess ALL of the elements of fitness (cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy). Training this way will not only provide you with all of these elements of fitness but will also give you the body of your dreams!


Proper Functional Training + Elite Coaching + Community and Team Work + Accountability + Proper Nutrition = Absolute Life Changing Health, Fitness, and Body Fat Reducing Results

With this powerful Warrior Pride fitness formula you WILL get extreme results…Warrior Results! ]All of the above is great but it means NOTHING without proper nutrition. All of our training is met with a highly effective, fat melting nutrition program to send your body changing results THROUGH THE ROOF! Nutrition is the number one thing on the fitness and weight loss hierarchy so we place a HUGE emphasis on it. We will teach you EXACTLY how to eat to maximize performance and fat loss then hold you accountable to make sure you are following through. The fun is through constant variety. The exercises, reps, intensity, weight, distances, etc change every day. Plus, as we explained above, we have NO boring equipment. Constantly changing workouts not only keeps it fun but also prevents the body’s adaptation response. This keeps the body from plateauing and keeps the results coming fast!

Anyone looking to lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives and are willing to work hard for it
Anyone who is bored to death with the traditional gym scene and would rather train in a fun, constantly varied environment
Anyone looking for a highly effective, fat melting nutrition program
Anyone who has plateaued with their current fitness program
Anyone looking for a fast, fun, and highly effective workout
Anyone looking to improve sports performance

Our mission at Warrior Pride Fitness is to provide you with a world class body changing workout in a fun, energetic, and motivating environment. All workouts will be centered around elite coaching and teamwork amongst the participants. Unlike most gyms, YOU the client, are our number one priority.


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