William Poteat


William has always been a sports geek, not content to sit and watch.  Growing up, he ran the gamut of sports; baseball, basketball, football and soccer, lettering in baseball, football and soccer in high school.

Refereeing soccer post-high school kept William close to a sport he truly loved!  In the military he acted as PT officer in several units, planning and leading fitness sessions, conducting weigh-ins and providing fitness and nutrition counseling.

In high school William’s coaches emphasized weightlifting (Olympic weightlifting) and he has carried a love for the pure physicality of moving weights through big ranges of motion ever since.

In 2013 Wiliam and his wife Wendy found CrossFit, and as the story goes, were hooked.  Leaving the ‘globo’ gym rat race behind in favor of functional fitness and community was phenomenal.  He is now as fit as, if not more than, he was in the military.  CrossFit and a good diet equals the foundation of youth!

Still not content with sitting by and watching, William obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2016.  He has also completed the CrossFit Specialty Course: Masters in certificate in 2017 as well as the Online Scaling Course.  Each year William makes sure to complete the Online Judges Courses.  To round things out he has also completed the Training Think Tank Movement Course!